Christian Science Reading Room, Soquel, CA



Our Reading Room is located in the Soquel Village Mall near the intersection of Porter Street and Soquel Drive. It is at the center of the small offices across the parking lot from the Star of Siam restaurant. 


Here is a quiet place to read and study the Bible and authorized Christian Science literature. You can purchase a wide variety of books and pamphlets, as well as music and books in cassette and CD format. Our Reading Room also includes a lending library, a history corner exhibit, and a nearly complete set of bound Journals and Sentinels for study and research







Normally our Reading Room is open from 11-3 Monday through Saturday excluding holidays.


Temporarily our Reading Room is open Monday, Thursday, and Saturday from  10-1pm and other times by appointment.  Please call the reading room at

(831) 475-6177 and leave a message if you would like or for an appointment call either 831-234-9197 or 831-359-2303




3021 Porter St.

Soquel, CA   95073-2233


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