Order of Communion Service in Branch Churches


The order of service is slightly altered for a Communion Service which is observed twice a year in the branch churches, on the second Sundays in January and July. There has been no communion service at the Mother Church since 1908.

  1. Sing Hymn
  2. Reading of scriptural selection from the Bible
  3. Silent Prayer followed by the audible repetition of the Lord's Prayer with its spiritual interpretation
  4. Sing Hymn
  5. Announcement of necessary notices
  6. Reading of the Tenets of the Mother Church
  7. Collection
  8. Musical Solo
  9. Reading of the explanatory note from the Christian Science Quarterly
  10. Announcement of the subject of the Lesson-Sermon and the reading of the Biblical verse entitled the "Golden Text"
  11. Reading the Scriptural Selection from the Bible identified as “Responsive Reading,” alternating between the First Reader and the congregation
  12. Reading of the Lesson-Sermon. (After the Second Reader reads the Bible references of the First Section of the Lesson-Sermon, the First Reader reads the correlative passages for that section from the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. There are six sections to the Sunday Lesson-Sermon.)
  13. The First Reader invites the congregation to kneel in silent Communion. This is concluded by the audible repetition of the Lord’s Prayer (without the spiritual interpretation in the first praying of the Lord’s Prayer).
  14. Sing the Doxology
  15. Reading of the "Scientific Statement of Being" followed by the correlative scripture from the Bible (I John 3:1-3)
  16. Pronouncing of the Benediction



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