The King James Version of the Bible is used in Our Services


The Manual of the Mother Church does not require the use of a specific translation of the Bible in our services, but for uniformity in the Bible citations for the Lesson-Sermon, the Bible Lesson Committee uses the King James Version (KJV), and this has become the de facto standard for all the Biblical readings in the vast majority of Christian Science churches. However, following the example of Mrs. Eddy, many Christian Scientists use a variety of Bible translations in their study of the Lesson-Sermon and in their general study of the Bible.


While all Christian Science churches use the KJV of the Bible for the Lesson-Sermon, a few allow the use of different translations for the other Biblical readings in their services. The by-laws of our own branch church specifically name the KJV Bible as the Bible translation to be used by the readers in our services. (It is fine, of course, to share relevant quotes and thoughts from other Bible translations when giving a testimony in a Wednesday or Thanksgiving service.)



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