Christian Science Practitioners


“Christian Science practitioners pray for healing for those who call upon them for help. These spiritually experienced men and women are also happy simply to answer questions about the useful blessings that come through the study of Christian Science.”


                                                                                   – from The Christian Science Journal


Please note that practitioner care is not limited to just Christian Scientists. If you have need of a practitioner and are unable to locate one, you can find a directory of full-time Christian Science practitioners organized by Country, State, and City in the back of each issue of the Christian Science Journal. If you do not have a Journal at hand, you can call any Christian Science Reading Room during its operating hours, and the attendant will be glad to look up the Journal listed practitioners for any area you name. They may also be able to direct you to a local practitioner who is not yet listed in the Journal. (There is no requirement that practitioners be listed in the Journal, and many are not. The most common reason is that they work in another profession as well and have a part-time practice. A requirement for a Journal listing is that it be your full-time profession.)


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